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 Looking backward

  • Where do you come from?  hometown, family, cultural heritage, artistic discipline

My hometown is Flushing, Queens. Both my parents are from China who immigrated to the United States in order to gain a better living and education. My artistic discipline is music.


  • What influenced your decision to come to Hunter?

My brother went to Hunter as a Macaulay Honors student, and spoke of great things about the college. Other people who attended Hunter emphasized that the school provided top quality education with an affordable cost, which also influenced my decision to come to Hunter.


  • What did you like to study inside and outside the classroom pre-college?  

I liked to study music and engage in sports. I took classes in Chamber Music and Music Theory, and also did music performances for several school events. I also played tennis for four years, and in high school, I was on the fencing team for 3 years.


  • What artistic disciplines have you been involved with? How have you practiced them?  In what contexts?

I have been involved with artistic disciplines such as Chinese folk dance, ballet, gymnastics, creative writing, English Literature, music theory, piano, and Chamber Music. As a pianist, I have practiced at home or with a private tutor at her own home. In both music theory and Chamber Music, I learned them at school. I learned the dance forms at separate dance programs in Flushing or in the city. Writing was a requirement during my middle school and high school years.


  • Where did you get your "art" experiences? (Art, here refers to any form of creative expression.)

I got my "art" experiences for the piano through my piano tutor, and also through my Chamber Music teacher in high school. My piano tutor helped me hone my skills in music from the Classical and Romantic Period, while my high school music teacher helped me explore other varieties of music, including jazz, anime, and pop.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.