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Looking inward

  • How are you feeling?

I am feeling both excited and nervous, because I am in a new environment where I do not know many people, and yet I feel connected to them because they all love what I love: Art. 


  • What are you thinking about? 

I think about myself a lot nowadays. It may sound selfish, but I feel like I always think about other people more than myself, and as a result, a lot of personal decisions end up going badly. I feel like I am a hypocrite, because I always think I think a certain way, but realize I don’t like the thoughts I say I uphold to.


  • What are you concerned about?

I’m always concerned about not knowing myself well enough. There are so many decisions that put me at a dead end, and it’s mainly because I don’t know which of these choices are better for my future.


  • What do you think matters?

I think being happy is all that matters.


  • What is the most significant/influential experience that is changing the way you think about yourself as an artist or as a student either inside or outside the classroom?

Just recently, I played in public in front of Flushing Library, which was an eye-opening experience, because it showed me the ups and downs of being a musician: Although playing in public is frustrating because most people are too busy to pay attention to you, the few spectators that do stand to listen may make your music worth performing.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.