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Looking forward

  • What do you think you want to study or major in at Hunter?

I want to study music, medicine, and possibly Chinese.


  • What are you planning to accomplish during your 4 years in the Muse Program?

I hope to become an even better pianist. I grew up playing classical music throughout my life, and only played pop and anime music in my free time. I would like to try learning how to compose music, and play impromptu music for the audience in the streets. I would also like to do some piano covers for popular songs and post them on YouTube. If I get more than 1,000 views on these covers, I hope to include harder repertoire, such as singing along as I play the piano. I would also like to develop my voice, and try out for a choir or a cappella group.


  • What goals are you setting for continued academic or future professional growth?

In terms of music, I want to be able to play all types of music on the piano- and even mix up these genres together like how The Piano Guys on YouTube do it. I would also like to be able to achieve perfect pitch in my singing, and as a result be able to play the piano by ear as a result. I hope to be able to perform piano in more events and wider audiences to enjoy. I also hope to be able to pass all my Music Theory courses, and use the knowledge I learned from these classes to compose my own music.


  • How do you imagine the Muse Program could assist you in meeting your goals?

I would imagine that the Muse Program would help me find opportunities to find places to perform my music. I also hope that this program would help me find the best classes that would broaden my piano skills and composing music.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.