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Looking outward

  • What are your first impressions of the college experience at Hunter or in the Muse Program?

My first impressions of the college experience at Hunter for the Muse Program were more than I hoped for. This program was able to satisfy my focus in the arts, while also widening the scope of my experiences. I love that we have the opportunity to go around the city and have a taste of the other arts, like theater and dance. I am also glad that we have a Freshman Seminar aimed to help us grow and develop our careers as artists.


  • What do you hope to experience this year in college? 

I hope to be able to join the Hunter Choir or Orchestra. I really love playing the piano, and I love to sing as well, so I would like to contribute to these two groups and fulfilling my dreams.


  • What challenges do you anticipate encountering?

I know that people have biases and tendencies towards other types of music, like rock n’ roll, R&B, or pop music. This is a challenge for me, since I love to play classical pieces, jazz,  and Chinese/Korean/Japanese soul or pop music.


  • What are my expectations about what I am setting out to accomplish out in the world, either in classes, socially, in internships or jobs or just as a person?

I want to do my best in classes, and get perfect scores on all of my tests! I know it is an impossible task, since no one is perfect, but for me, I think I want to at least strive to perfection. In terms of internships or jobs, I would like to try out for jobs that allow me to play the piano in weddings or other public venues. I would also like to become a better person, such as being more helpful, understanding, and patient, especially towards my family.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.