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Based on 1) your observations from Wolfgang Tillmans’ installation Book for Architects, 2) your conversation with your partner, and 3) the Paul Goldberger reading from Why Architecture Matters, you will create a Photography Gallery  and accompanying 250-word Artist Statement text about your photographs that you will upload on your ePortfolio under MET MUSEUM VISIT.


Take an aesthetic and/or intellectual point of view toward this assignment.  Make sure to include buildings and spaces that have meaning to you.  Don’t just take random photos of every building and architectural feature that you come across.  Or if you start that way at the museum, follow by photographing outside the museum and throughout your daily life with a particular focus or point of view. Make choices.  Hone your vision for the submitted assignment.


See your Key Words sheet and resources on Blackboard on Pierre Huyghe, Wolfgang Tillmans and the MET Artists Talks for more guidance.


Guidelines for Photo Gallery:

  1. Take at least 15 photos (You will need to upload 15 to your ePortfolio; however you can take as many as you want)
  2. Your images should depict architecture, architectural elements, public and private spaces, built environments, highlighting shape, color, materials that have meaning for you.
  3. The photographs can show buildings you see every day or just saw for the first time
  4. Include a variety of spaces and vantage points (for ex. Inside, outside, close up or far away)
  5. Be conscious of:

-       The frame (what’s included inside or left outside the image)

-       Your vantage point as the photographer (where are you standing?  How close up or far away are you from your subject?)


When you are ready to upload the photographs: Click on “Photography Gallery” section in the left navigation, delete the existing photo and add your own photos


Guidelines for Artist Statement:

  1. Approx. 250 words
  2. How did the artists Huyghe and TIllmans help you to see and experience architecture in new ways?  How has this affected the answer to the question why architecture matters to you?
  3. Describe what your inspirations were for your Photo Gallery. What did you see today at the MET or outside its walls that prompted you to take the particular pictures you did? 
  4. Describe a few of your photographs in detail. Be specific about your observations. What was your vantage point as a photographer? What colors, shapes and materials did you include? Why?
  5. What do you hope viewers (in this case, your classmates) will see or think about when they look at your photos?
  6. Click on “Artist Statement” in the left navigation to add your text. Delete instructions and type in your own.











DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.