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Restaurant Review: Polash


Type of Food Served: Indian Cuisine

Location: 2179 3RD AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY  10035, Between 118th & 119th St.

Phone Number: (212) 410-0276

Website: http://www.polashny.com/

Price Range: $8.95-$15.95

Rating: ***


Polash is located in the heart of East Harlem and offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes. It seems that most people either order delivery or take-out, but don’t let the empty-looking restaurant scare you off: service and very friendly and accommodating. Eating in will also offer access to their daily lunch and buffets. For frugal people, Polash offers great lunch and dinner boxes. For $5.95 you can either pick a Meat or Vegetarian Box and for $7.95, the Seafood Box can be head, all of which offer a number of dishes to be chosen from. The lunch boxes are a great deal and offer plenty of food for the price.


As Indian cuisine itself, Polash is extremely vegetarian-friendly. The menu is divided into sections for vegetarian, chicken, beef/lamb and fish dishes. As a vegetarian, that means you can order away worry-free without having to read the dish descriptions over and over to make sure you are not overlooking anything.  The vegetarian dishes range from lighter, such as a simple mixed vegetable curry in spicy sauce, to slightly heavier dishes containing coconut cream, paneer cheese or almond sauces. There are no dishes labeled as vegan and it might be a bit tricky to find a vegan dish since many contain cream and/or ghee, but the staff could surely help find a suitable meal without animal products. Most vegetarian dishes are full of vegetable and are going to be relatively low in calories and thus suitable for health-conscious individuals. Still, stay away from dishes with cream or nut sauces if calories are of concern and only eat half of the rice that comes with the meal.

A word of warning: if the dishes are labeled as “very spice”, Polash really means it! If you are a spicy food lover, you’ll be excited to hear that their hot curries may just burn a whole in your stomach (but in a good way). The Naan bread and accompanying sauce dips (chutney, raita and plum sauce) are fresh, tasty and a wonderful compliment to your main dish.


Best Bets: Mixed Vegetable Curry ($8.95), Chicken Sabji ($10.95)

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