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Technology is a helpful and valuable tool for teaching and learning. Prior to embarking on my teaching career, I must admit, I was not terribly technology savvy. Luckily, the Hunter School of Education has a Technology Competency requirement each student has to complete in order to graduate. Through these competencies, I learned a wealth of knowledge about technology, which I am incredibly thankful for now that I am student teaching.


I use technology to support my instructional practices daily, and the use of technology in my teaching has now become second nature. I use a laptop to access word document programs to create handouts, prompts, and assignments, such as the following:


C1-WS Prompt.pdf

C3-Burger Essay Prompt.pdf

C2-9 Planets.pdf


In addition, another form of technology I utilize in my instruction is a SMART board, which I use to give presentations, and also to share any web-based knowledge with the class.




Yet another technological tool I utilize in my teaching is an over-head projector, which I use to demonstrate reading and writing strategies, as well as make any printed knowledge visible to the entire class.



Technology has undoubtedly become an integral part of my instructional style, and I plan on keeping up with innovations and advances in technological development, so that I may always have the best tools at my disposal to use in my educational practices.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.