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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

This translation is an excerpt from an article about the privatization of publicly held German apartments in the German book, Handbuch Immobilien-Banking.

The above picture is from http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/414SES23CKL._SL500_AA300_.jpg.


Meeting the Learning Goals:


My knowledge of business-specific German increased greatly by doing this translation. It also increased my knowledge of business English. I had to look up a lot words for this translation, but I know that it will make translating other articles like this one easier in the future. It also just generally made me more aware of how housing works in Germany, which is interesting to me and also important for understanding German culture. 

I also had to do more research with this translation in regard to ideas like Altschuldenhilfegesetz and other concepts relating to real estate and business in Germany and the European Union. I was able to utilize different research tools, including the library at Hunter College and German-German dictionaries, to help me complete this translation. I used the library to find information on concepts in business and economics, and the term Altschuldenhilfegesetz. I used a German-German dictionaries to better understand terms, espeically business and economic specific terms, for which I could not find an exact English definition.

I deepened my understanding of the translation process by realizing that in translations like this one, it is okay, and often necessary, to reword a sentence or change its structure to make it easy for an English speaking reader to comprehend.


Specific Challenge:


In particular the sentence: Hier sind insbesondere familienpolitische, vermögenspolitische und alterssicherungspolitische Vorteile angesprochen was challenging. First of all, I did not understand what was going on. The benefits are addressed? I was confused, but spoke to my professor to get an understanding. Still alterssicherungspolitische did not seem to correspond to the other adjectives in the sentence. The only translation I could find was social security politics which does not fit into real estate. Like how does privatization of housing benefit social security? In the end, I still do not entirely understand what the author is getting at, but for the purposes of this translation, it is not entirely necessary to understand exactly what is going on. I just know enough about business to know that this translation simply does not work. So I researched some more, talked to my professor, and came up with the solution that sort of avoids a mistranslation without entirely understanding the particulars of what is going on. A translator does not need to be an expert at everything, just have the tools to get the point across without being a business expert for example. I went with old-age security policies

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.