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Topic: Just Food Conference. Workshop: "Eating Healthy Local Food on a Budget"


Location: Food & Finance High School - 525 W. 50th Street


Date: February 24-25

Sponsor: Just Food


Speakers: Margaret Schehl, Just Food Community Chef


The main points of the meeting included the following: Eating healthy, locally grown foods can be affordable. Margaret led the group in a discussion around ideas to eat healthy and home cooked meals throughout the year affordably.


Critique of how balanced or biased the question was? What evidence was used? I was anticipating a much more thought out presentation with great detail about special tips and tricks for saving money using various cooking, gardening, and storage methods. Instead, Margaret presented a few basic ideas to save money and let the entire group share their thoughts which were then recorded at the front of the room. 


What you learned about presenting such a meeting? If you were going to present the session would you do the same? What would you do differently?: Although it is incredibly valuable to have a group share their thoughts and educate each other, using this type of teaching method has to be planned out carefully so that there is still excitement within the group. Margaret could have included a demonstration or provided more useful handouts to the attendees.


Determination of how successful the session was in meeting its stated goals?: I think the session would have been appropriate for a different audience. I think the audience at the Just Food Conference was aware of all of the "tips" that were shared during this workshop.


If any refreshments were served, were they appropriate and consistent with the themes and messages of the event? There were no refreshments served during this particular workshop, however, during the entire conference the food that was served was healthy and showcased some locally grown foods - keeping in line with the Just Food mission.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.