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Topic: In the Twitter Kitchen: A Modern Cookie Bake Off


Location: Hearst, 300 W 57th St at 8th Ave


Date: 4:30PM


Sponsor:New York Social Media Week. Main sponsors included: Nokia, JWT, Hearst Magazines, Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, and Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness


Speakers: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, Founding Editor of Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen; Katherine Alford, Vice President of the Test Kitchen at the Food Network; Kelsey Nixon of Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel, and Kat Kinsman, Managing Editor of CNN Eatocracy


The main points of the meeting included the following: The panelists discussed the role of social media in the cooking industry. Common themes included the importance of social media and how to engage twitter and social networking followers. All panelists agreed that social networking was something they all felt was extremely important in maintaining future success of their buisnesses. The panelists also shared their insights into recipe copy writing based on their experience with users posting recipes that were copied from their sites.


Critique of how balanced or biased the question was? What evidence was used?: I thought this was a great and diverse panel in which all panelists shared honestly their thoughts on social networking. The moderator, Kat Kinsman, asked specific targeted questions that kept the conversation flowing in an interesting and engaging way.


What you learned about presenting such a meeting? If you were going to present the session would you do the same? What would you do differently?: The moderator played an important role in keeping the conversation flowing. She clearly was up to date on each of the panelists work and made that obvious through her insightful questions. If I was to hold a similar panel I would research and really get to know my panelists as well as prepare some questions that I could use throughout the conversation. 


Determination of how successful the session was in meeting its stated goals?: The audience was intrigued throughout the presentation. I think they did a great job discussing the role of social media in cooking. However, I think they highlighted that we are still learning how best to use social media and the 'role' of social media in the home kitchen is not fully understood yet.  


If any refreshments were served, were they appropriate and consistent with the themes and messages of the event?: The panelists provided cookies to each of the attendees. The cookies were part of a contest in which the audience was asked prior to the event to tweet a cookie recipe to the judges. The winning cookies were then baked for the audience to taste and to vote on (via Twitter!). Clearly, they stayed true to their theme by engaging the audience through social media event AFTER the event.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.