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To my Dietetic Internship E-Portfolio. Here you will find a sampling of the work I've accomplished over the past year as an intern, as well as a record of the completion of requirements as set by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. 

Hunter College has been a trustworthy friend in my time studying nutrition. I first began working with Hunter student volunteers through Motivating Action through Community Health Outreach (MAChO), an after-school nutrition education program in East Harlem, and they never disappoint. I have been consistently surprised by the intellect and integrity of students from Hunter, and I am proud to now be one among them. 


While at Hunter, I have been fortunate enough to be placed in nearly every rotation in which I was interested - thanks, in no small part, to the incredible management of Dr. Ann Gaba, our internship director. I was able to explore my interest(THESAURUS) in the field of mental health with rotations at the Renfrew Center for eating disorder treatment and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. During my placement at The Food Bank For New York City, I learned the logistics of running a non-profit, as well as the skills needed to educate at a grassroots level. Through my work with the esteemed Dr. Arlene Spark of Hunter's School of Public Health, I was introduced to a vast array of policy in public health nutrition in addition to the ins and outs of writing and editing a textbook manuscript. 


This online portfolio is digital proof of the blood, sweat and tears which I have poured into this internship. I am immensely grateful to my preceptors for their generosity and knowledge, and am truly proud of what I have accomplished. This experience has instilled me with not only competence to succeed as a dietitian, but also the confidence to excel as a member of this ever-evolving profession. 


Oh, and if you're wondering - yes, that's a Krispy Kreme Dark Chocolate Caramel Kreme in my banner. Because everything in moderation includes doughnuts too!

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